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Bat out of Hell

by | Aug 6, 2023

Family checking out damage after car accident
Take me out to the ball game….but don’t let me get hit with a bat! With the summer here, families will often attend sporting events while visiting their vacation destinations or at home to enjoy some well-deserved family time together.

Over 15 million Americans enjoy professional sporting events every year. While getting injured by a flying ball, puck or bat is not the norm; it is not uncommon. So who pays for the medical bills that mount up after being injured as a spectator at a sporting event?

The law has shifted over time to favor the venue owner in that spectators assume the risks of the inherent danger of the event. However, if someone is injured at a venue where there was a dangerous condition that the venue owners knew about, failed to correct and you were injured as a result of, you may have a claim against the venue owner.

So the next time you attend a sporting event, when you hear the coach yell “Keep your eye on the ball!” they may be talking to you!