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$450,000Semi-Truck Accident

Semi-truck ran stop light causing T-bone collision resulting in several fractured vertebrae and extensive rehabilitation.

$280,000 – Slip and Fall

Slip and fall in water leaking from hotel’s exterior ice machine causing leg fracture.

$3,900,000 – Semi-Truck Accident

Wrongful Death as a result of crash caused by semi-truck.

$325,000 – Pedestrian Accident

Pedestrian struck by commercial vehicle in parking lot causing wrist fracture.

Confidential Settlement – Horse Attack

Horse with known aggressive tendencies bit another rider on the thigh causing permanent scaring and disfigurement.

$280,000 – Slip and Fall

Slip and fall on wet floor near restaurant’s soda fountain resulting in multiple pelvic fractures.

$1,700,000 – Car Accident

Rear-end collision caused by DUI commercial driver resulting in several back surgeries.

$197,000 – Motorcycle Accident

Car turned left in front of our client’s motorcycle causing T-bone collision resulting in fractured wrist. Insurance paid policy limits and at-fault driver personally contributed cash to the settlement.

$335,000Amusement Park Accident

Severe injury to hand caused by dangerous condition at a water park.

$975,000 – Car Accident

Roll-over crash causing multiple injuries and resulting neck and shoulder surgeries.

$552,000 – Medical Transport Van Accident

Patient suffered multiple injuries from roll-over accident caused by teen driver.

$400,000Truck Accident

Garbage Truck caused head-on collision resulting in neck, back, wrist and knee injuries.

$300,000Car Accident

Rear-end collision causing herniated discs in spine of 12-year-old rear passenger.

$500,000Rock-Truck Accident

Rock truck started illegal left turn into the path of our client, who was then forced into another vehicle at an intersecting road.  The crash caused neck injuries that required surgery.

$325,000 – Car Accident

Rear-end collision causing aggravation of previous neck surgery resulting in implantation of spinal cord stimulator to alleviate constant pain.

$910,000Car Accident

Rear-end collision causing injuries to neck, back and shoulder requiring several surgeries. 

$600,000Car Accident

37 year-old suffered neck and back injuries requiring neck surgery.

$150,000 – Horseback Riding Accident

Trail ride company failed to adequate tighten saddle resulting on rider falling off and fracturing ankle.