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Can I sue an apartment building owner for wrongful death over a killing that occurred in the apartment parking lot?

If there’s been a situation in an apartment where a person has been killed, the owner of that apartment complex or the management company that runs it may be liable for your damages. What you have to look at is the knowledge of dangerous and violent activity in that complex. Additional factors would be, are there sufficient lighting, is there sufficient security measurement on who comes in and out of the building? So, yes, if somebody is killed in an apartment complex, contact an attorney so that you can discuss the facts of the case and you can determine whether you need to proceed with an action or not.

Do I have a claim if unsafe conditions on someone else’s property caused my injury?

You may have a claim for negligent security if there was a dangerous or unsafe condition on somebody else’s property that they knew about or should have known about and didn’t take the appropriate actions to protect you from it. An example of this could be if there’s a lot of crime in the area of an apartment complex and they don’t have controlled parking for entering and leaving, they don’t have security guards. So even if you’re injured on somebody else’s property, you can have a claim for negligent security.

Does a property owner have a duty to know about ongoing criminal activity in his/her property and surrounding area?

A property owner, for instance, the apartment complex owner, they do have an obligation to know about the crime activity in their area. They can do this investigation with the police force and they can know right away how much crime is in their area. Then they have an obligation to keep their patrons safe from that crime, whether it be have sufficient lighting, sufficient security, sufficient entry and exit policies. So yes, they do have a duty to find out if the area is crime-ridden, and then they have a duty to protect their patrons and the people who are invited on a premises from that crime.

What is a negligent security claim?

A negligent security claim is a type of civil action that can be brought when a person is injured or if they’re killed as a result of lack of security in a public place. It’s could be like a restaurant, a bar. It could be an apartment building. The negligent security claims are if a owner of a establishment has not taken appropriate actions to keep their patrons safe, then you may have a claim for negligent security.