National Love Your Lawyer Day



The good news is tomorrow is National Love Your Lawyer Day!! The first Friday of every November is a day to show love, appreciation and thanks to lawyers and judges everywhere.  It’s a day to shower your favorite legal eagle with sincere affection, a phone call or card.  The bad news is that also means no lawyer jokes and no lawyer bashing on that day!!

National Love Your Lawyer Day started out as National I Love My Lawyer Day in 2001. Attorney and marketer Nader Anise founded the American Lawyers Public Image Association in 2000, to create the “day” and to further four goals:

  1. Get the public used to hearing the words “Love” and “Lawyer” together;
  2. Get lawyers to give back to the public through pro bono work and charity;
  3. Raise awareness that not all lawyer jokes are funny; and
  4. Get media to cover why lawyers should be celebrated.

The other good news is this is Thursday, so we’re going to publish our “Friday Funny Lawyer” joke today!

A group of terrorists burst into the conference room at the Hilton Hotel where the American Bar Association was holding its Annual Convention. More than a hundred lawyers were taken as hostages.

The terrorist leader announced that, unless their demands were met, they would release one lawyer every hour.

OK, now that was funny and I’m a lawyer!